Friday, June 24, 2016

A Ride Of Manual Means

Bikes are loaded in our pick-up. Graham drove to our cabin in Idaho. (He's our very first visitor).
Zims Hot Springs, I'd been waiting, looking, watching for THE SIGN!
 Zims of the early morning.
Placards and History Plaques were a constant on our route. 
 Funny story, No not really . When we did finally get to the top I, Me,YOURS TRULY suggested a back road down the other side.I'll get back to that soon, hang in there you'll love it.
 McCall Lake, nice state C.G. here as well and we did.
 Wild flower's were in full bloom and my thoughts of Stacie missing out on mother nature's floral show.
Below is a church and cemetery on a back road from McCall to Cascade.

Town of Roseberry ,Idaho, information sign stated the town that wasn't to be. The R&R decided to go west 1.5 miles to Donnelly and thus Roseberry failed. They did move complete house's by horse and sleds in the winter to Donnelly.
Osprey, we saw an abundance of them on our route.
 This little guy is out of his boundary. Get back in the fenced field dude!
 At Cascade St. P. many bird houses lined the road. Swallows and many different color's.
A tent full of weight that has to be pedaled up and down the grades.
 Graham trying to do a selfie on two old farts.

 Lots of meadows and open space, man that is AMERICA that I remember!
Yep, we're smiling now, but to get here, we pedaled our sore butts off!
Mine and Mom's favorite: biscuits, gravy.and eggs. We ate this meal three different times for breakfast.
 A small grade has just been pedaled. I look relaxed but I bet my butt is hurting.
Grahams bike taking a break.
Oh and sometimes the left over for lunch.
Stacie drove out to Cascade to extract us from our ride. We again visited Zims H. S.
Our day of departure, we bought Scones at the Bakery and  headed for highway 12 S.
I don't know just looked like we needed a memory of this.
 One of many Placards.
 And yep, sometimes we pushed the bikes.
 Old barn with a lighted cross on it.
The open fields and meadows were something to admire as we cruised past and through at @ 11 m.p.h.
The Cafe Hilltop: the story goes that after we ate biscuits, gravy, eggs the waitress asked Graham if he'd like to take leftover with. He said "No I'm on a bicycle." waitress says " I KNOW WHAT YOUR ON" it was hilarious. 
 Satellite dealer, you think he gets any reception with all those dishes?
Now back to the wrong turn story, we had left Grangeville earlier that day. On my suggestion we ended up circling back to within 4 miles of where we started and we had to pedal this hill not once but TWICE.

We had strong head winds,rain,sunshine, and great attitudes.
And here is Graham as we head back up that steep grade for the second time, man I was picked off at myself!
Another rain storm on the way.

Met Mike on the way, he'd left Astoria, Oregon and was headed towards N.M. ( I think)
This was lunch, a piece of cherry pie and it tasted fantastic. 
Man, not another grade. We lost track of the elevations that we climbed.
Zims H.S. sign.
We rode 215 miles, in 5 days. our first two days were 60 miles each and on that first day we were dogs but tired.
Our three expressions:
In the end my legs felt like concrete , it was hard to squat in order to set up the tent.
Would I want to do this again? YOU BET!
Only 1 flat on this great ride.
 In Riggins, the sign says it all.
Back to # 3 my ass hurts!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Big Bend , Texas

 Rumor has it this was a ancient dwelling that dated back thousands of years! OK, I just made that up but it sounds logical to me.
You go over there and I'll take your picture. And so Billy did as he was asked.
GREAT! This is the first time since Stacie had her accident last Aug. 1st that she was back in the saddle. I found this 2012 barely ridden(999 mi) DRZ and set it up for her . This is also the bike she will ride on our Sept. adventure to SOUTH AMERICA...
The landscape and rock formations are quite interesting in B. B.
 Didn't we already take my photo, oh I see you need to admire my Grey hair.
This sign is really irrelevant due to the fact Dogs own this porch.  Original has Dogs but a U had been scratched in, so no dogs or Doug.
 View from the porch store in Terlingua. Hula hoop anyone?
OK, your ass does look smaller now! I mean bigger. I'm sure I put my foot in my mouth on this one.
Below Stacie in the saddle. We rode every day increasing the miles and terrain difficulty. I didn't need her to over do it, JUST get comfortable once again.
Open Mic night at the Boathouse bar and grill. Great Hamburger's at this place.
This belonged to the Lady bass player. I thought it spoke a lot of the people who end up in Terlingua.

 The porch is interesting in the fact of the people you meet and their stories. Sit down, drink a beer and be entertained.
 The woman and dogs best encounter, They will always get a good scratching if Stacie has her way.
A little game of hackey sac, the dogs are just waiting their turn to take the sac and run.

Dan Dickie asked me  : take that photo Bill" Man KTM's cabled together. Dan was quite amused by this. Rumor has it he really hates that I have never adjusted the valves on Darth even after 125K miles..... 
Sunset at Study Butte, enjoy the free advertisement Dan and Debbie of GSM motorcycle rentals..
Riding in the park with Dan,Bob,and George. Notice I was riding Stacie's DRZ. I had the Husky set up for the Baja trip after this and didn't want to wear out the knobby tires.
 The GREAT BIG RIO GRANDE River. Really we have never seen the Big part of it. Does it even exist?
The guy on the 1190 was from Missouri and we had met in the campground. He once lived in Paola and we discussed friends of past. This 70 mile ride of that morning was one that this KTM owner wished he had a small bike.
 Alpine Tx. hee haw.
Valentena, my sister who lives in Tucson. It had been too long since we last were together. I'm very proud of her and all she has overcome . Keep up the good work and Faith Val.
Below is one of the plane cemeteries coming North of Tuscon.
Saw this rack on a 500 KTM and thought perhaps I might be able to do the same on my Husky 501S