Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Darth Goes To Baja

 I decided to try the route from St. Veronica to Ojos Negro in hopes that our customers might be able to ride it. I found out that on a big bike it is difficult. I had just survived a prior DEEP sand section and paused to regroup! That was my first mistake , I didn't get enough speed to clear this section. The temperature at this point in time 85 and I tried numerous times to get Darth upright. I knew my task at hand, unload then find the strength to get Darth up. What I did discover was, Darth is one heavy bike! Anyway, I managed to get it up just enough to get my leg under the body work, I then rested until I was able to muscle it the rest of the way.
 Gear unloaded, I wanted to get Darth out of this before reload. I went down again before getting it to solid ground.
 Now Darth is up yonder, and gear is way back this way. My work is cut out for me and it is HOT!
I drug the Billy duffel bag through the sand, my thought was "don't have a heart attack out here. "
 Darth in the shade for a break, I paused at this point to eat lunch and rest.
 Just South of Ensenada, en route to San Felipe
My new friend Ed, has a sand rail . We went out for an adventure on this fun ride.
My friend Ed, imparting some words of wisdom. We were at a way station supporting Pete's Poker Run.
His wife Chloe, laid back and waiting for the first vehicles to come through our station. Looks pretty relaxed to me.
Somewhere in that cloud of dust is a bike.
You never know what you will see, this contraption had us all laughing.
Pete's Poker run happens in San Felipe, the second week of October every year. This was number 34.
I hope to attend next year, and IF Stacie is good she can accompany me!
Yeah, you just pull in here and we will direct you to the way out. The truck pulled was 2WD and didn't have the right equipment.
The guys in the trailer were covered in dust and again we just laughed at this set up. I bet they are still digging dirt out of their orifice's.

Just on the way out of Ensenada, nice day and the sun felt great.
The sign says it all. I visited this park and was surprised that something like this existed in Baja.
A Cemetery on the way up to San Pedro Martir.

Meling Ranch, which is about an hour west of Martir. I camped there for two nights, and it was great.
Darth relaxing at the ranch.

A view on the way up to the observatory which is operated by the University.

Darth looking good in the fall color's.
The Telescope.

My man which gave me the tour. You won't be allowed to go up to the observatory solo . The operating hours are 10-1pm. I tried the day earlier to see it but it was 4 pm and had to return the following day.
Mount Diablo.

Hey Mister want to take a picture of a baby goat? Yea I do. Okay, he didn't ask me that, but he did let me take a photo. This was at the Ranch.

Another one of my new friends, Armondo. He is the Host of the Ranch and we had several interesting conversations. By the way the food is great and large portions.
Ma Ma Espinoza's, fish taco's. She is still alive and the food here is fantastic.
Heading towards Bahia De Los Angeles, out of El Rosario

And then POW! You crest the hill and see this fantastic view. I've seen it before and it still as fresh as the first time.
1 day isn't enough to visit De Los Angeles. I added another day to our tour here so customers will be able to view and experience the birds, fish, and not to mention sunrise/set's

Nice full moon and the view .

Just after sunrise I had the idea of trying this to see how it would turn out . I'd say it is a winner.
On the wrong way to San Borja Mission, I wish it would have been the correct way because..........
This is what happens in DEEP sand, and after the first day's experience and having to work extremely hard to get Darth up right, I wasn't in the mood.
Locals came upon me after I had Darth heading back out, but hey got stuck. Now they had to get out before me due to the fact that they were blocking my exit. I helped and then got their permission to get in their truck, and finally managed to get them out.
They were very appreciative and helped me push Darth out of the DEEP sand. I had been walking beside it using the clutch to power it out of the sand. When I sat on it, I only dug trenches .
Leapin' Lizard .
I see a cat has caught its lunch
See that black debris in the water? That is a school of minnows, and the bird's/ Pelicans feast on this.

As the tide goes out, many of them are left on the beach for the seagulls.

All of the above are from Bahia De Los Angeles. I think I could live there. The town isn't much to speak of, but the coastal view is spectacular.
We met Antonio last year. He owns Archelon Camp. He is a great guy, speaks English, and our tour will lay over at his camp.
In Guerro Negro, I found this bird sanctuary by mistake. I was looking for the Salt Factory, that supposedly has tours. Well, I found out later it does not. My thought was why do a salt tour when you can ride out to a bird sanctuary?

You enlarge this photo to see the bank is comprised of sea shells.
San Ignacio, we had Thanksgiving here last year and this was our meal. The first place I went was here again this year, for a repeat. Great burrito, and the price is equivalent to a dollar.
Owner of the cart and the gentleman on the left spoke some English. I told of of our trip last year and he translated to her.
On the way to Punta Abreojos, about 50 miles from San Ignacio
Population of the town 300. On most every mast was a gigantic nest.
I have never seen so many Osprey nor the size of them, as in this town.
This road ended 7-10 miles before the final destination of San Francisco de la Sierra.
The views were, and are again fantastic.

San Ignacio Springs B&B, where our tour will spend two nights. The breakfast is great and plenty. Owner's Gary and Terry from B.C. originally, own and operate this fine resort.
The one, the only Coco. He is nailing our business cards to his wall.
Oh yeah, we are sooooo cool. Actually, it was very, very hot at Alfonsina's. I downed a Gatorade and snickers ice cream bar before heading out to San Felipe. The pavement now  ends just 4.5 miles North of here. So it is only a rough 30 miles or so of off road through Coco's corner.
Back in the states, I was scheduled for presentations at Horizon Unlimited meeting. This is Morro Bay, Ca.
Sub just in town, I was actually in the mood for a sub sandwich, since for the past 2.5 weeks I had been on a South Of The Border Diet.
I believe this to be a Spotted owl that was sitting in a tree above my tent.
This was a great meet. Estimated 250 people attended and IMO it was better than some other rallys that I have attended. At HU, you discuss and can present past, future, and personal ideas to help the community, and their enjoyment of riding.
This is Rufus, he is looking good.
I see dogs are allowed, what a set up.
I presented Oregon, and our biz to the people. Stacie had sent a photo DVD down to Flip, and he set me up .
Q and A post the presentation. Oh did you get a flyer and or business card?
Darth on display before departure. He just loves to flaunt his odometer to all who will look.....
En route home, South of Sacramento the ticker is at 099999.
I pulled over to a side road so that we could take a photo and document this special occasion.
Darth suggested we have a cigar and a shot of Black Velvet to commemorate the event. Well okay my trusty steed. Let's do just that.