Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bodean_Sheila Marriage_Home 05_16

First leg of the ride, stop in on Jaz, in Whitefish Montana. Spent a few days visiting and eating good grub ( no she didn't cook) LOL.
The woman had been outta control, gave her a BIG TIME OUT!
The one, the only, Mr. waffles, on a leash. Jaz. and her critters ( Ellie Mae ) comes to mind. Jaz, give me a shoulder to lean on, would ya?
Glacier N.P. at Lake McDonald.
Glacier N.P. $30 to get in the gate. Pretty soon only the rich will be the ones visiting the parks. Hey the International tourists don't mind the fee's.
 In Oklahoma to bear witness of Bodean''s and Sheilas wedding. Sheila demanded a Tornado shelter installed in their Retreat.
 Is that a bunch of drunks or what?
 Background is David ( Bodean's brother)
Below Jaz, Baluw, and Dad at a beer garden in MT.
My woman looking good and enjoying life as it should be. 
Hey sucker , you open the bag, dump it in, and fire it up.
Oh yea, three drunk idiots with a 1000 firecrackers in a bucket. No excitement here! It went crazy after that. Scott, I still owe you dude!
Aunt Dorothy
 My 1st cousin Rodger, and wife Phyllis. I had not seen them in decades. Was great to drop in on them.
Below Rodger and soon you'll meet Ronnie ( parents grave Aunt Ethel and Uncle Noah)

Grandma Gatlin, what a sweet woman. She had to have been our favorite. Her and Uncle Pop . 

Brother Kenneth, and Dee, out on the farm. I was actually pinching Dee's butt on this one. Always had 
fun messing with Dee.
 And here is Ronnie, again way too many year's since I had seen the man.
Scheels, a Cabella's on steroids. Ferris wheel and everything you could imagine . This was located in Olathe, KS. 
 Brother Daryl and wife Camille. We spent 3 days hanging with the old folk. LOL
 Now this is my type of store, guns on the floor and I'll bet anyone a million dollars that NOT ONE GOT UP, WALKED OUT, AND KILLED SOMEONE!
Reminded me of my childhood, we could go in a store pick up shotguns, rifles and sight them in and even dry fire. NO ONE GOT HURT!
Daryl's Last Resort in Paola, shooting some stick.

Great storm clouds on way back to Olathe

A motorcycle museum that just opened in St. Marys, KS.
We rode 600 miles from KS. to Colorado, in 96 degree and about the same humidity. A Margarita was in need and was one of the best we had EVER drank.

Bear Tooth Pass. some Asians know a legend when they spot it . Getting a photo of Darth.

I just about ran over a few of those tourists in the background. They get off the bus and wander around with their heads up their Butt!
Riding the storm out.(REO)
I spotted this mommy and her calf, as we descended the Bear Tooth.

This guy was checking us out while we waited for construction in Wyoming.
We had many interruptions of our day due to construction.

Oklahoma, this state road system is a little nuts! You go south 15 miles to go East and then North 10 miles or so to stay on your original route and then perhaps head East again.
Wonder what I did to deserve this exclamation!
You old dog you.
Baluw getting comfortable......
Jaz, and Mr. Waffles.
Below Aunt Alice who resides in Columbus, MT. Always when I am near, I drop in to visit. She doesn't have but a son near to visit and I know Mom is smiling every time I make my visit.
The only structure left standing of my childhood homes. It is barely hanging in there .
Somerset Cemetery, where the previous relatives are laid to rest.

Ursaline Academy, a convent where at one time it was a place for women to become a Nun.
This time I managed to get out before any run ins with my friends!!!!!!
A few fireworks in Oklahoma .

Town square in Paola.
John Brown Lookout just outside of Osawatomie. All that debris is from some inconsiderate asses not picking up their firework trash.

Back on the farm, with Dee and Kenneth..
Jordon and Liberty, waiting to partake in some home made tacos.
Kelley, I used to babysit while Dee and Kenneth enjoyed their night's out. I think I darn near raised the boy.....LOL
Stacie had mentioned that some corn in this field was going to taste real good after her irrigating it....

Utah. At this point we had ridden in severe wind, heat, and humidity. I decided ABORT mission. We weren't going to continue to California. I was DONE!
Honey whiskey cooling in the stream at our remote campground in ID.

I bought this at a souvenir shop on the Bear Tooth Pass. Pretty much says it all. I agree 1000%.
 Bodean and Sheila, on their wedding day. Congrats to the both of you. We were honored to be there and wish YA THE BEST A LUCK!
Bro, you have some loud style going down .