Friday, March 25, 2016

Big Bend , Texas

 Rumor has it this was a ancient dwelling that dated back thousands of years! OK, I just made that up but it sounds logical to me.
You go over there and I'll take your picture. And so Billy did as he was asked.
GREAT! This is the first time since Stacie had her accident last Aug. 1st that she was back in the saddle. I found this 2012 barely ridden(999 mi) DRZ and set it up for her . This is also the bike she will ride on our Sept. adventure to SOUTH AMERICA...
The landscape and rock formations are quite interesting in B. B.
 Didn't we already take my photo, oh I see you need to admire my Grey hair.
This sign is really irrelevant due to the fact Dogs own this porch.  Original has Dogs but a U had been scratched in, so no dogs or Doug.
 View from the porch store in Terlingua. Hula hoop anyone?
OK, your ass does look smaller now! I mean bigger. I'm sure I put my foot in my mouth on this one.
Below Stacie in the saddle. We rode every day increasing the miles and terrain difficulty. I didn't need her to over do it, JUST get comfortable once again.
Open Mic night at the Boathouse bar and grill. Great Hamburger's at this place.
This belonged to the Lady bass player. I thought it spoke a lot of the people who end up in Terlingua.

 The porch is interesting in the fact of the people you meet and their stories. Sit down, drink a beer and be entertained.
 The woman and dogs best encounter, They will always get a good scratching if Stacie has her way.
A little game of hackey sac, the dogs are just waiting their turn to take the sac and run.

Dan Dickie asked me  : take that photo Bill" Man KTM's cabled together. Dan was quite amused by this. Rumor has it he really hates that I have never adjusted the valves on Darth even after 125K miles..... 
Sunset at Study Butte, enjoy the free advertisement Dan and Debbie of GSM motorcycle rentals..
Riding in the park with Dan,Bob,and George. Notice I was riding Stacie's DRZ. I had the Husky set up for the Baja trip after this and didn't want to wear out the knobby tires.
 The GREAT BIG RIO GRANDE River. Really we have never seen the Big part of it. Does it even exist?
The guy on the 1190 was from Missouri and we had met in the campground. He once lived in Paola and we discussed friends of past. This 70 mile ride of that morning was one that this KTM owner wished he had a small bike.
 Alpine Tx. hee haw.
Valentena, my sister who lives in Tucson. It had been too long since we last were together. I'm very proud of her and all she has overcome . Keep up the good work and Faith Val.
Below is one of the plane cemeteries coming North of Tuscon.
Saw this rack on a 500 KTM and thought perhaps I might be able to do the same on my Husky 501S

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Germany,France 5_2015

View from our Hotel in Heidelberg,looking down to the Neckar River and bridge.
My partner up at the Castle in Heidelberg.
The view from the Heidelberg castle looking down on the town.

Prior to the trip I had researched the towns that Dad and his platoon traveled through in France in search of the Germans.

One of the courtyards in the Heidelberg Castle.
The Aldt Brucke in Heidelberg
Nice view of the Heidelberg Castle.
The Pierling Family, Gudrung,Me,Stacie,and Gunter.
I was looking forward to seeing my 1st ex in laws and still have very fond memories of our short times we had together.
Shaking the Tree as we used to say in the Army of an Eichbaum beer made in Mannheim.

We rented a F800GS from Stephan Knopf in Heidelberg.

Probably see a lot of this action, a weiss beer and many more to come on this trip!

We at first started out riding the back roads BUT this proved to be time consuming and we had left Heidelberg late and then opted for more direct routes.
Every church we saw or visited was remarkable in the architectural design and workmanship.
Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber had a Pentecost festival just winding down as we arrived.

This Medieval city was spared during WW2 due to the fact a US General's mother had visited the city when young. He had seen and grown up with a picture of it on his home wall. he convinced the Germans to evacuate it so he wouldn't have to bomb it to smithereens.

This palace was on the way South into Garmisch and is now operated by Monks.

The murals that are in the churches as well as decorating the homes are beautiful and most well preserved.

Spotted this Taxi in Garmisch with Touratech and Heidenau advertising on it.
Garmisch we witnessed a German car show of Alfa Romeo cars . It had all the people stopping by to check them out.
A strawberry hut, selling fresh awesome strawberries.
Another fantastic meal while in Unter Oberammergau .We ate well, felt like before the trip was finished that we had gained 10 pounds or so.
Photo below is my partner experiencing a German soft boiled egg. Marianne had inquired the morning before what type egg Stacie wanted " scrambled" wrong answer.
Unter Oberammergau just North of Garmisch, we had heard of AirBNB from one of our customers last year and I looked into it. GREAT DEAL and huge savings to boot! Also you get to interface and mingle with the local's.
German bedspreads and pillows are comfortable but can be Very,Very warm. Hard to see Stacie all wrapped up in warmth here.
No not another food,beer photo
This was in Ramsau at a Hotle but we had reserved it through AirBNB and was much more affordable.The green lush valleys were pretty.
Omaha Beach and the bunkers that still remained. I wanted to visit the Hell hole that Dad and Uncle Noah had been. There is no way we today can possibly imagine the hell and pain that our great military endured during that battle. Thank You the greatest generation of our time!

Back at Knopf's rental, lots of things hanging from the rafters.
We met Sheldon there and he was on his 3rd trip around the world. From Australia and quite a nice guy.
Menu with a little flair.
Her hint of perhaps I need a new pair of boots. My sister Robin came to mind, she loves shoe's.
Another church and the Gold and murals. You are simply amazed at the workmanship that was well before time of computer's,electronics,and heavy equipment that we have today.
Nice treed little coblestone park.
I was always in awe of the pipe's when I had been in Germany as a soldier and today is no different.
The stained glass,

This was in Konstanz , she rotated around and had to ugly figurines in each hand.
A playground Mainau Garden in Konstanz. Our host suggested we visit this little Island which was really a flower garden spectacle.
Had to touch it's beard!
Snaballs, which are a pastry and taste delicious. We had a strawberry which had the same as filling.
Rothenburg and one of the cannons still in place in the all.

Stacie was in Heaven with all of the flower shops and display's.

Locks on fence in Konstanz, was a sign of good luck or a healthy life.
This Swan was on our way onto the Island Mainau and we couldn't help to notice the BIG feet.
Below is one of the many photo's we snapped on the Island.
Above is Edgar our host while in Konstanz. We found his room for rent on AIRBNB, nothing fancy but was comfortable.
Took a ferry from Kontance to Meersburg, kind of by mistake but part of the adventure.
We crossed the border into Austria and rode to Baad. A dead end road but nice ride. We had for the first 5 days rain and out newly purchased Frogg Toggs were well used and appreciated.
This was sighted on way back from Baad, they were used for the Olympics .
We rode along the Alps for a few days but due to inclement weather never saw them much.
Sna Balls and me being the first to try them out. Good eat!
Ludwigs childhood home and then of course he built the Neuschwanstein .
Jager Schnitzel at Gasthof Stern in Unter Oberammergau and it was the best we had anywhere on this trip.
Weiss Church, when I was there back in 1977 we were allowed photo's inside. This no longer the case.
I saw a teet and had to pull on it.
Currywurst and Pommes Frittes, one of my military favorite quick eats.
below looking bad ass and all dressed in my Frogg Toggs.
Liquors and schnapps, a place to hang and get refreshed .
Price of Benzin per liter, equates to about $7 a gallon.Another reason to rent a motorcycle as if I needed one.
You have seen it before, food and more great food.
Our host in Unter Oberammergau, Marianne, again found her on AIRBNB.
Below is a lake we found while hiking in the Bercgtesgaden N.F.

Man, I'm tired and wish this festival was over. Again in Rothenburg.
Assembling for a parade down main street,cows,donkeys,you name it and they had it.
The wall is still intact and wraps around the city.
A great view of the country side from within a garden of the city.
My NEW friend and after a few sample shots I was ready to purchase. We bought 3 bottles and before we left town one was GONE!
Probably 2 photo's of us together and this setting was best.
Town square of Rothenburg.
Not another picture of Billy having a beer,but wait I'm enjoying a smooth cigar . Urlaub(vacation)
The night watchmen in Rothenburg is a treat and he is quite funny in his presentation. You pay 7 Euro to walk with him and hear the tales of the city.
Rouen France I believe and one of it's many cathedral's.

Point Du Hoc France and this was one hell of a battle for our soldiers. The bomb impressions are numerous along with the tunnels,and bunkers. This battle site was one of the most fierce fought.

The view out from within one of the bunkers.

I'm sorry to say that this is prohibited due to the status of them being a gravesite. I DIDN'T KNOW and am very sorry to have not known.
This castle was as we were leaving St. Jores where Dad had traveled through in search of the enemy. you could envision sniper's up in all of the towers and second floors of the farm house's.

Church in Caen, France.
The Eis was incredible and very tastey
Burg Eltz.
Below at the WW2 museum in Caen.
One of another very depressing sites to visit, Dachau Concentration Camp.

Ludwigs home .
I won't even name this one.

A turnstile to pay to go to the Toilet.

Serious medical experiments and some people ran to the wall just to be shot to end their suffering.
Back to Rothenburg, have to mix up the doom and gloom or we'll all get too depressed!
Omaha Beach, today.

St. Jores was on my list of towns that I knew Dad traveled.

We came upon a Saturday Market in Periers, France and  saw this little girl being used a tool of teaching we believe.

We had a fantastic sausage and fries that these women were cooking up.